Why Should You Floss?

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At your last dental cleaning, did your dentist ask you how often you floss? Was your answer “Not very often.” This is a very common occurrence. 80% of dental patients confess that they don’t floss daily.

We know that you’ve heard from a young age just how important flossing is, but do you know why?

Flossing is one of the most essential methods in helping to prevent you from developing tooth decay or cavities. Food particles and plaque can build up between your teeth, flossing cleans these areas and thus prevents decay or cavities from happening. Daily flossing also helps the health and condition of your gums so that you will not contract gingivitis or gum disease. Flossing also will help protect you from developing bad breath. Every time you floss it helps your teeth, but consistency is key to prevention.

Having a hard time keeping the habit? Here are some helpful tips:
-Use floss picks or floss holders to clean between the teeth.
-Place a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, on your phone to remind yourself
-Keep floss in your car or purse to use on the go
-Track your flossing habits. If you do it daily for 21 days, you’ve made it a habit

Flossing protects your teeth for years to come. Please be sure to schedule your regularly dental cleaning in Bronx, New York with your dentist Dr. Kirti Tewari by calling Kirti Tewari Dental PC today at 718-547-7570.