Kirti Tewari, DDS

Dr. Kirti Tewari has been serving as a talented dentist in the Bronx for over 15 years. She is committed to her Bronx dental patients, providing “a kind and caring approach to dentistry that leads to long-term relationships” from her dental practice on White Plains Road.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Mumbai, India. I had a wonderful childhood there, and I still love the local people, the foods, and of course, being near the rest of my family and friends. When I got married, I moved directly to New York in 1987.

When did you decide you wanted to become a dentist?

When I was in school, I knew that I liked helping people, and I chose dentistry because it would give me a chance to help my patients feel better about themselves. I really think dentistry is a great way of doing that. It’s not just about improving their smile, it’s about improving their confidence, self-image, and their outlook on life.

So, I attended college in India, as well as dental school, but in 1992 I went to New York University School of Dentistry so I could practice in the U.S.

Where did you start practicing?

I started working for Dr. Andrew Gold in the Bronx as an associate and stayed with him for nine years. I opened my own office in 2001 and have been here ever since.

What are your specialties?

Early in my practice, I saw a great demand among adult patients for straightening their teeth and improving their smiles, but the embarrassment of wearing braces was too much for most of them. When I learned about Snap-On Smile®, Lumineers®, and Invisalign®, I was delighted. Here were methods for improving the alignment of teeth as well as the overall appearance and function of smiles without so much inconvenience. Ever since then, my patients have loved what I have been able to with their smiles.

What do you love about treating patients?

I have always derived great satisfaction from delivering a patient from extreme pain or vastly improving a patient’s smile. It literally warms my heart to help people feel healthier and great about themselves, and I think patients can sense that.

What is it you try to do for patients that makes you a special dentist?

I think, most importantly, I like to keep my patients informed. It is crucial to put them at ease before and during a procedure, and follow up with them after treatment.

How do you feel about your office staff? What makes them special?

I choose my staff very carefully. They are warm, friendly, eager to help and, of course, very knowledgeable in what they do. The longer a staff member stays with me, the stronger our relationship and the better we work together as a team, so I aim to keep staff members with me for as long as possible.

What is your current family life like? Where do you live, etc.?

I live in Scarsdale, NY, I have two kids in college, two young adults, actually. I love cooking all kinds of food, crocheting, traveling around the world, and being with my family and friends.

What message would you send to people as to why you think they should be a patient of your practice?

I would say to them that if you are looking for a place where you can feel more comfortable about receiving dental care, minimizing discomfort and receiving a warm, caring reception, I would definitely give our office a call.

We also have staff that speaks Spanish, Hindi, and English, and we try to accommodate all patients and make them feel welcome.


  • Hind Rattan Award in January 2012, for outstanding achievement in the field of dentistry
  • Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Medal, House of Lords, Parliament, London, for presentation in October 2012—awarded to 30 recipients of Indian origin globally
  • VIP Member, Stanford Who’s Who for outstanding leadership and achievement
  • Top Dentists 2009 and 2011 from the Consumers’ Research Council of America



  • Certified Invisalign® Provider
  • 2-year program in Dental Implantology at NYU
  • Mini-residency in Periodontics at NYU
  • Cosmetic Dentistry at Institute for Advanced Studies in Dental Esthetics
  • Extensive training in mini-implants and sleep apnea