Temporary Crowns: What You Should Know

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You’ve probably heard that a dental crown can help you deal with a number of issues, but would you be surprised to hear that you may need to have a temporary crown placed before we place your permanent crown? While these crowns are only temporary, they actually offer a number of benefits.

You see, if you have a damaged tooth, your other teeth could shift. This can affect dental work you’ve had in the past. Temporary crowns can help you avoid this problem and will stop plaque and bacteria from reaching the center of your tooth. These temporary solutions will also help you avoid pain and discomfort and help you chew and speak comfortably again.

Temporary crowns also don’t require too much care–you’ll just need to care for your crown like you would your natural teeth. However, please remember that you should floss carefully if your gums aren’t covering your teeth. We also recommend avoiding sticky or hard foods, such as popcorn, peanut butter, and nuts, because they can damage or dislodge a crown.

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