Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Dental Floss

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Have you ever thought about all the ways that dental floss could enhance your smile? Although numerous other oral health care cleaning tools are highly effective at keeping your mouth safe, very few are designed to clean between teeth. An interdental cleaner such as a threaded dental floss or a water flosser is essential for optimal health care. To ensure your flossing technique remains at its best, see the following tips and tricks for flossing correctly:

– If flossing with thread proves too problematic for you or if you have had dental work that prevents it from fully cleaning between teeth, switch to a different interdental tool such as a water flosser.

– Your goal should be to floss your teeth 2 to 3 minutes every day.

– Make sure your dental floss can clean all your teeth without using the same section more than once, and always use a thread that is roughly 18 inches long for each flossing session.

– Use a new strand of dental floss for each flossing session.

– Make an effort to floss between every single tooth and don’t forget the back row.

– To prevent contamination, avoid using the same parts of a dental floss section between more than one tooth by moving up and down the strand as needed.

– Select and use dental floss that is safe, effective, and shred-resistant.

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