All About the Facts of Dental Fillings

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Did you know the more you know about dental fillings, the better? Well, it’s true. This is because it can help you make the best decisions for your smile and oral health, especially when you’re trying to decide between different restorations. It can also help you know more about dental care, which is always good. So, our dentist, Dr. Kirti Tewari, would be happy to tell you all about dental fillings in Bronx, New York, by sharing some facts with you. Those facts are:

-There are many different types of dental fillings, but composite resin and amalgam dental fillings are the most often used.

-Composite dental fillings are white and they blend in with your teeth. These fillings are often used to repair teeth in the smile.

-Amalgam dental fillings are made with a variety of different metals, which makes them very strong and reliable. This makes them a good option for restoring a tooth in the back of the mouth.

-Dental filling treatment can be started and finished within one dental appointment.

-With the help of a local anesthetic, dental filling treatment involves little to no discomfort. The local anesthetic will numb the mouth and will temporarily eliminate any sensation in the treated area.

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