A Dentist’s Response to Seven FAQs About Cavities

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Many patients have questions about cavities, and Dr. Kirti Tewari is excited to answer seven FAQs about cavities:

What is a cavity?
Cavities are the tiny holes that appear in the tooth enamel, the hard outer layer of a tooth.

How do cavities happen?
The sugars present in your food produce tooth enamel-attacking acids. Bacteria left on your teeth can also produce plaque, which can weaken your teeth.

What could put me at a greater risk of cavities?
Some patients develop cavities despite proper oral care, but your risk of cavities increases if you eat a diet rich in sugary food or have poor oral hygiene or dry mouth.

Can cavities cause other problems?
Problems associated with cavities include tooth abscess and tooth extraction. As cavities get worse, they compromise the tooth structure.

How can you diagnose a cavity?
At Kirti Tewari Dental PC, we use a special dental tool that probes any soft spots in your smile that be cavities, and we scan your smile with dental X-rays.

What are my options for cavity treatment?
You may be able to reverse the decay with good oral hygiene if the cavity is not very extensive. However, advanced decay needs to be removed and the remaining tooth structured repaired by a dental filling or crown.

Can cavities be prevented?
You can greatly reduce your risk of cavities through daily dental care, eating a diet low in sugary and acidic food, and receiving dental cleanings regularly from the dentist. Additional practices that boost your dental health include receiving dental sealants, using mouthwash, and fluoridated water regularly.

If you have questions about cavities that weren’t addressed here, we invite you to contact Kirti Tewari Dental PC at 718-547-7570 and speak with our dentist in Bronx, New York.