TMJ Disorders and Their Effect on Your Dental Health

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Your temporomandibular joints are ball and socket joints in your jaw that exist to move your jaw in a myriad of directions. More commonly, temporomandibular joints are known as TMJs. If your jaw is damaged or worn, TMJ disorders can arise.

A TMJ disorder could be the result of an underlying disorder or illness within your mouth or body. If you are the victim of bruxism, you may be at an increased risk of a TMJ disorder. Furthermore, stay away from all bad habits or foods that can lead to pain in your jaw, including biting your nails, chewing gum, and eating tough and chewy foods.

If you are noticing any pain in your jaw, consider using heat packs. If swelling occurs, use ice packs as an alternative. Stress and tension play an influential role in how jaw pressure is sustained, so stress relievers are often essential in the treatment of TMJ disorders. Thus, try using meditative treatments such as yoga, biofeedback, and relaxing music to help lessen any pressure and tension that may arise within your jaw.

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