Positive Dental Tips: Halitosis Detection

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Are you familiar with the risks of bad breath and what to do to keep your smile safe? Bad breath, also frequently referred to as halitosis, is a condition in which foul odors emanate from your mouth. In many situations, these foul odors are the result of products in your diet. However, they can often be linked to underlying ailments in your body as well. Here are some of the risk factors for bad breath:

– If you’re taking any medications, they may produce a condition known as dry mouth, which adds to a decrease in saliva production your mouth, which in turn, can lead to an increase in bad breath.
– One of the biggest risks to your smile is plaque buildup.
– Bacteria on your tongue can often produce bad breath.
– Bad breath can be present from the foods and drinks you consume, including garlic, coffee or onions.
– Underlying conditions in your body including kidney malfunctions, liver issues and respiratory tract infections have all been shown to increase your risk of bad breath.

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