Coping with Teething

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At first, the phrase “tooth eruption” sounds like a horrible dental problem. However, tooth eruption is a normal part of your child’s life. Tooth eruption simply means that your child’s teeth are coming in. But for your baby, it’s a painful experience, and it probably won’t be a picnic for you, either.

Signs that your baby may be teething include irritability, crying, a loss of appetite, swollen gums, and a little more drool than usual. Your baby may not sleep well and may want to chew on solid objects.

As parent, you are going to want relive your baby’s pain, and make your life a little easier as well. You may be tempted to use a topical product containing benzocaine. But some research has shown that benzocaine may be harmful to children. In fact, before you give your child any medication, please call Dr. Kirti Tewari at Kirti Tewari Dental PC in Bronx, New York,to make sure that the medication will not hurt your child. Instead, put a teething ring in the refrigerator and then give it to your baby to chew. You can also use your finger to apply gentle pressure to your baby’s gums. Using a cool metal spoon will also work as well.

If your baby is teething and you have questions, contact us at 718-547-7570 and we’ll be happy to talk with you. Once your baby’s first tooth comes in, you should calls us for her first dental appointment.