All You Need to Know About the Two Most Common Dental Fillings

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If you have a decayed tooth, dental fillings can help save your smile! However, that’s only the case if the cavity is caught and treated at the early stages of development. Luckily, Dr. Kirti Tewari and our dental team offer two different types of dental fillings in Bronx, New York, to repair your smile and improve your oral health. Those two fillings are composite and amalgam fillings.

Composite fillings are very visually appealing. They are white and they match the surrounding tooth enamel. They are made of ceramic, plastic, and resin substances and they are generally used for the teeth that are visible in the smile. Fortunately, with recent improvements in the dental industry, the fillings have been proven to be strong enough to withstand chewing forces, so they can also be used for the back teeth if necessary.

Amalgam fillings are silver restorations that are made of copper, silver, mercury, and tin. The mercury binds the fillings together and it gives the fillings the strength and durability they need to tolerate pressure and force from chewing for many years. These fillings are easily placed and they are inexpensive options for repairing the back teeth.

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