A Helpful Reminder About Flossing

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Flossing seems like a simple job, but there are few things about it that can be useful to remember. These tips can help keep your teeth more plaque-free, which can help you maintain good oral hygiene and health.

– Though it sounds like a lot, about 18 inches of floss may be needed.
– A good way to hold the floss is to wrap the ends around your fingers and then pinch it with your thumbs.
– Rather than forcing it in, you can ease the floss between your teeth by more carefully rubbing it back-and-forth.
– Pull the string so it hugs one of your teeth and slide it up and down gently.
– A small gap exists between your gums and your teeth. Plaque can gather there, but you can carefully move the string into the gap and clean it out.
– When you have finished with one side of a tooth, you may want to adjust the string so you are not using the same part. The plaque you cleaned up will be on the string, and it can be rubbed back onto the teeth or gums if you are not careful. Using a clean part of the string can ensure that plaque is removed for good, which is where the 18 inches can come in handy.

We hope you find these tips useful for improving your flossing technique. If you live near or in Bronx, New York, and would like more help with your oral health, we can help you here at our office. You can rely on the skill and experience of Dr. Kirti Tewari, our dentist. To set up a visit, you need only call 718-547-7570.